binaural fitness music

The music gets better the fitness performance through the body-mind synchronization

Music head on headphones in 20-200 mhz with binaural technology during fitness activities, is able to stimulate great beneficial response in the body-mind and in the work-out performance. 

+Performance in fitness sports

Binaural music at the right timing allows for the best syncronization of the  body-mind. This guarantees a best performance in all fitness activity that go in time as running, bike, crossfit, powefit, and calisthenics activity. The  best performance is made from best coordination, best motivation and focus of the body-mind.

+Results in body pump

Binaural music at 20-200 Mhz is a best support for body building workout because is able to create a motivation and concentration state that game a important rule in the neuro-endocrine apparatus for the body pump results. The fitness binaurl music is also a great partner in timing and coordination esecution of the exercisies and in the work-out performance.

binaural music fitness

The binaural fitness music for your best performance

The Binaural Music head on headphones during body building, crossfit, running and other sport activities that go in time, is able to stimulate beneficial response both on the quality of the experience and the mind-body performance response. The 20-340 Mhz range in binaural music technology is the ultimate fitness results in body-mind fitness syncronizzation.

Musical language is a language that penetrates, which is a fundamental part of the very structure of the universe. It is no coincidence that this intuition was followed by oriental philosphic disciplines and also by occidental ones such as the case of Pitagora, and now confirmed by the modern quantistic science and by the astrophysic science. The cosmic radiation is the background sound of the universe. The great musician John Cage conducted important studies on silence and sound, coming to identify the sound of the human nervous-cerebral system and selecting this frequency together with the heartbeat. The sound comes from the vibration, for exeple the sound produced by the strings of a piano or a guitar. The vibration sound can be more or less intense, and this generated the volume of wave amplitude. The waves ar the way we can mesure the sound. The sound is measured in cycles for second, and is the measure that the sound wave takes to complete a cycle from his maximumto to minimum amplitude. Hertz (Hz) is the unit of measurement of cycles for second of the onde sound (wave width), and identify the frequence of the sound items.

The human body therefore has his own natural vibration, and wiht his also the cells that compose its. What lives vibrates at his specific frequency.  What vibrate modifies what is around it, indeed it modifies the mather itself.

It’s scientifically proved that the body-mind syncronization during training allows to obtain extraordinary results in terms of sports performance and body pump in body building.